Product Pick: L'Oreal Mousse Absolue

After watching this beautifully done video about L'Oreal Mousse Absolue Automatic Renewable Color on Darling Magazine (thanks to my friend JaKenna - you really need to check them out) and looking in the mirror at my intolerable roots, I decided to save a little cash and try this new formula. And I was blown away!

Now, I love my colorist, Carly at Cutler Salon SoHo, and I love the new blonde, post-lavender-wash-out, she gave me during my last visit, but sometimes the cost and time can add up just a bit too much. Mousse Absolue is a great hair color solution for the time between visits to your colorist to touch up your roots or add a little life back into your hair. Plus, no burning sensation! And the smell is pleasant too.

Along with the inspiration to try Mousse Absolue (900 Light Natural Blonde, to be specific), Darling Magazine also inspired me to put together my own process shots, sans retouching (#RealNotRetouched). I had fun, guzzled caffeine, tossed on a little makeup, scrolled through Instagram, got to be silly, and made my hair look awesome all the while!


Because my hair is naturally medium brown and I was using a blonde mousse, I knew I should expect a slightly darker shade than the box showed on naturally dark blonde hair. And bonus for me, I still wanted a bit of rooty-ness to my 'do, so this worked perfectly!


Big thanks to Darling Magazine for the inspo and to L'Oreal for creating an amazing product. What do you think? Would you try it?

xo Ray