Squarespace Website Designer. Photographer. Creative Producer. Project Manager. Why not create constantly?


Oh hi! Great to meet you.

I graduated with a degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado and found my way to New York City via the media industry – first interning at Denver Magazine in Colorado and then landing at Babble in NYC. From there, I began photographing and working as a photo editor at The Huffington Post for the Style section, then moved into the print industry at Time Out New York as their Deputy Photo Editor.

I eventually found a place to span both print and digital at The Cut/New York Magazine where I worked as their Photo Editor + Producer. I’m currently at Cosmopolitan where I’ve found a home as the Senior Visuals Editor + Digital Photo Producer.

To offset the chaos of my day job in media (you know that pace) I spend time doing my own yoga, acro and meditation practices. Beyond that, I teach three vinyasa classes a week in Brooklyn, private group yoga classes upon request, and a monthly acro workshop with my co-teacher. Allowing myself creativity in movement keeps my mind calm and focused.

Even (especially) in the midst of all of that, it’s important to me to find time for my personal creative work, like Squarespace website design, collage and writing. I’m open to collaborations and projects in these spaces, so I have even more reasons to create!